International Cooperation

JSV Giprosvjaz develops scientific, technical and regulatory proposals to the Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus for the position on the world radiocommunication conferences and other ITU , CEPT and the RCC forums. The objective of these forums lies in redistribution of radio frequency spectrum allocations in favor of new radio technologies, the development of the conditions for their implementation and protection of radio services operating in these bands. JSV Giprosvjaz interacts with ITU-R, CEPT and RCC.


JSV Giprosvjaz carries out scientific and technical cooperation with the ITU-R through participation in WGs and SGs responsible for agenda of World Radiocommunication Conferences, the Conference Preparatory Meeting. JSV Giprosvjaz prepared based proposals that allow the Communications Administration of the Republic of Belarus to defend its position at World Radiocommunication Conferences in 1997, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2012 and 2015.


Belarus is a member of CEPT. Belarusian technical experts participate in studies conducted by CEPT on the agenda of ITU World Radiocommunication Conference. JSV Giprosvjaz technical experts analyze the results of studies of European countries and prepare proposals for the harmonization of the proposals of member countries of CEPT on ITU World Radiocommunication Conference.


The Republic of Belarus is a member of RCC. RCC Commission on the use of radio frequency spectrum and satellite orbits was established as welll as a permanent working group on preparations for the world radiocommunication conferences. Members of this group develop common proposals for RCC member countries. JSV Giprosvjaz technical experts participate in the development of these proposals with the aim of they protect the interests of the Belarusian radio services.

What we can offer

Preparation of proposals on the country's position at World Conference based on analytical work: reports on emerging technologies and technical documents of ITU, ESA, ETSI in the field of radio communications standards.

Years of experience in this area and excellent knowledge of technical English allows us to offer the following services:

  • Preparation of analytical reports on latest radio technologies
  • Development forecasts ton the prospects of radio technologies implementation
  • Implementation of international regulatory and technical instruments of ITU, CEPT, ETSI