Communication Systems and Facilites Lab

The laboratory was established on the basis of order No. 582-K of 10/27/2015 as a research laboratory for communication systems and devices of a research and testing center.The laboratory includes:

– research sector of television, radio broadcasting and new technologies;
– sector of technical protection of information.

  • The laboratory performs:

- research and development work on the improvement and development of communication systems and devices, means of land mobile radiotelephone communication and television broadcasting in the territory of the Republic of Belarus;
- design of radio communication systems and networks of any purpose and range based on electronic maps of the area;
- development of programs, concepts, schemes for the development of any types of communication for ministries and departments;
- analysis of existing and future communication systems and devices, land mobile communications and the development of recommendations for improving telecommunication networks, sound and television broadcasting;
- calculations of radio communication networks, including the calculation of sanitary protection zones and zones of limited development for mobile and fixed radio communication networks;
- development of regulatory documents in the field of telecommunications, including information security of telecommunications.

The laboratory also takes part in the design, manufacture and testing of prototypes of communication systems and devices.

  • The laboratory performs measurements of the acoustic parameters of the premises (reverberation time, sound level, speech intelligibility, speech clarity index, etc.) for premises in accordance with international standards, including 3D modeling of electrical and architectural acoustics.
  • The laboratory has an accreditation certificate BY / 112 1.0332 dated 01.06.1998 for compliance with the requirements of GOST ISO / IEC 17025-2019 for testing:

- in the field of television and sound broadcasting;
- according to the requirements of energy efficiency of energy-consuming equipment:

STB 2248-2012 (Hobs, microwave ovens, deep fryers, coffee makers and other devices for cooking and processing food, printers, scanners, monitors, active speaker systems, projectors, audio amplifiers, home theaters, electric musical instruments);
STB 2463-2020 (Chargers for smartphones, external power adapters for various household and office equipment, modems, routers, printers, scanners, monitors, etc.);
STB 2269-2012 (TVs and television monitors);
GOST IEC 62623-2017 (Desktop computers and laptops).

Equipment arriving for inspection:

- digital television transmitters;
- pathogens;
–CTV receiving equipment;
- equipment for traffic flow formation;
- external power supplies;
- TVs;
- computers;
- servers;
- office and household appliances. 

  • The laboratory has a special permit (license) No. 01019/3 dated 03.08.2009 for the right to carry out activities related to technical and (or) cryptographic protection of information, namely:

- development of technical means of information protection;
- carrying out special studies of technical means;
- design, creation of information security systems at informatization facilities intended for work using state secrets.

Typical samples of applications for organizing testing: 

  1. Application for testing according to STB 2248-2012
  2. Application for testing according to STB 2463-2020
  3. Application for testing according to STB 2269-2012

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Ms. Borovskaya Anna
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